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Linda Wood Hoyte is now the owner of www.viptravelunlimited.com Check out the great prices and package interested in traveling recommend check this site out.

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See Linda Featured on the committee: www.humanmaximumperformance.com

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Charles Peeples- www.thevalkyries.com

To contact Charles Peeples: thevalkyries@thevalkyries.com
- Personal E-mail

The Valkyries Website

John Bayley -- www.johnbayleyphoto.com - Photographer

Maggie Blanchard,NPC Fitness Athlete, Co-Promoter, & Competition Suit Designer

Joe Palumbo
, Joe is NCPD -(Nassau County Police Dept) Swat Officer & Professional Bodybuilder

www.encode.com - Information on the CURE for Sickle Cell Anemia

Calorie Counter, BMI, BMR, Growth Charts and more

CONTACT ME ----- 1FLEX@Optonline.net

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