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Linda's 70th birthday party click each photo for photo


Click for Video tribute

New Photos from the OLYMPIA WEEKEND 2012 - Click here

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The Men, Powerhouse Gym big, bigger and huge.


2010 New York Metropolitan photos by Mike Fears for more photos check this link out"

Mike Fears NY MET Photogallery



Linda at her 67th birthday


October 9, 2008 - World Universe Photos from Spain


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Women’s World Championship 2008

46 Countries in attendance
176 competitors
51  judges ( the most ever)

USA Team-
Figure- Sherlyn Roy – 12th
Fitness – Nita Marquez- 11th ( routine was 7th)
LW –Kim Landry Ayres – did not place
HW -Cassandra Floyd -13th.

Although we did not make the winners circle in any category, the team was  a winner with International/Political  relationships. They were all very  positive, warm, extroverted and truly exited about the competition and representing the USA. It was evident  to  everyone around them and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

October 9, 2008 - photo shoot by John Baily


Photos from the New York Pro Photos from the New York Pro
  Victor Martinez and Rick Collins  

LINDA - Past and Present , updated April 2, 2007

Linda Wood Hoyte- That was Then
Linda Wood Hoyte- This is NOW


May 16, 2006
Feb. 7, 2006
Photo from Olympia 2005
Linda, Debbie Manion, & Mark    

Essence Magazine

Essence Magazine- Lnida Wood- Hoyte "Ageless" "Today's Black Woman"


Drum Party- Linda's Family 10/27/04

More photos from the WORLD UNIVERSE 2004:

Linda's Home Gym

.Human Interest Photo's

The Birthday

Linda's 60th Birthday Celebration at Bev Francis Gym


Linda Wood-Hoyte- Photo Shoot with Reg Bradford


The Most Awesome Women:

Cleopatra Presentation with Linda Wood-Hoyte and Ronnie Coleman



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